I have always been a risk taker; from cliff diving into high sierra lakes as a little kid to living in my van in college. But the risk taking took on new heights when in 2019 I decided to quit my 8-5 office job and jump into building my own jewelry brand. Feral Silver was born from a desire to live live to its fullest.

Yolo right? But actually... With just one shot at this crazy thing called life, Feral Silver is an expression of being un-tamable and I hope you join me on this freedom quest. I believe that everyone should feel powerful, wild, and beautiful. Through my brand, Feral Silver, I create jaw-dropping jewelry that helps you tap into that truth. My work features bold designs, authentic gems/semiprecious stones, a mix of sterling and fine silver, handmade embellishments, and all the good vibes possible. 

I am passionate about ice-cream, collecting rad art, womens empowerment, DIY home renovations, laughing until I snort, and petting all of the dogs. I currently live in Sacramento California with my delightful partner, Daniel. 


Feral Silver



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