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Meet the Artist

From a young age Sara was encouraged to follow her love of art. She sold her first painting at 8 years old and by 12 was teaching private mixed media painting classes to other kids.

Sara found silversmithing intriguing and her love of stones spurred her towards the craft. Feral Silver was born out of a desire to create something beautiful and lasting.

After taking a one day workshop where Sara learned the basics of soldering, it was clear that this was a passion. She dove head first into the craft and has been creating bold heirloom quality pieces ever since. 

Feral Silver is designed and created for the wild ones. Those connected deeply to nature and who believe in ethically sourced handmade goods. Each piece starts out as strips/sheets of silver and slowly becomes a wearable piece of art.

When not in the studio, Sara can be found beachcombing with her rescue dog Fern, gardening, life coaching, and exploring nature through backpacking,