The OracleWhite Chalcedony is said to be a receiver of messages from the heavens. The perfect stone for those searching for their internal voice and strength. This ring features a cutout, so that the translucence of the stone is showcased. Reflecting back through the stone is yourself, the wearer, the oracle.An oracle is the mouthpiece of a deity - any thing or person serving as an agency of divine communication. What an incredible gift we have to be our own oracles. To be able to have our own voices, to be able to communicate with our spirit and all those around us. This is something I have struggled with growing up, and being able to find myself and my voice is a continuous journey. I hope this ring can serve as a reminder to anyone else who might also feel lost from themselves at times. You are the oracle of your own life. And that’s pretty damn exciting. The Oracle ring features a sturdy double ring shank, a textured full moon and a white chalcedony stone. A cutout in the back allows the white chalcedony to reflect and shine. Each ring is silghtly unique as they are each handmade with love. Please select your size to complete purchase. All orders will be shipped within 2-3 buisness days.

The Oracle


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