There is currently a storewide discount for 30% off using code BlackLivesMatter. These earrings have been marked up to $100 from their original $75 because of the discount code. With the code, they will be $70 at checkout. For each pair sold, $53 will be donated to


This is a pre-order listing for the Paloma earrings. All earrings will ship out the first week of July.  This will give me time to order materials and make all of the earrings. I will make as many of these earrings are there are orders. For each sale of these Paloma earrings, 75% of proceeds will be donated to the Black Lives Matter movement. This is one small way to help contribute. I will take orders for these donation Paloma earrings for two weeks, from 05/31 to 06/14. 


For more information about Black Lives Matter, please visit their website at:

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