The High PriestessMystery, sensuality, and intuition. The High Priestess, for me, represents the mystical feminine. It represents tapping into our powerful and innate energy that is so often taboo. This ring is a reminder to claim that power, to embrace the mysterious, to listen to your gut instincts, and to connect with your own spirituality.From the moment I first laid eyes on Jalisco Obsidian, I was obsessed. Dark black, shimmering green, and hints of blue. Obsidian is said to be a protective stone, absorbing negativity and acting as a shield against spiritual attack. My intention in creating this ring is that it will protect and empower. The High Priestess ring features a studry and bold tripple ring shank, textures silver moons, accent silver balls, and a magical Jalisco Obsidian stone. Each ring is silghtly unique as they are each handmade with love. Please select your size to complete purchase. All orders will be shipped within 2-3 buisness days.

High Priestess


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