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Self Love

Do you struggle to accept yourself fully? Feel like you're just getting by, but not fully living your very best life? This is the resource guide for you. Self love helps us be the best versions of ourselves. This guide will connect you with tools and voices to help you on your journey to unconditional self love.


Environment and Climate Change

Feeling overwhelmed and depressed about climate change and the environment? This guide give you actionable steps you can take right now to make a difference. Being sad and depressed about it doesn't help anything. Each of us have the responsibility to do our very best. And only you know what that is. This guide will help you get going in the right direction.

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Social Justice

Work in the social justice arena never ends. If you don't know where to start, but want to be a more kind and empathetic person this resource guide will give you some pointers on steps you can take now.

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Animal Welfare

Love animals? Want to deepen your understanding of and connection with them?  Here we talk animal care, training, rescue, and protection. This guide will provide resources to help you be a better animal advocate now.

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Sexual Health

Don't know where to start, but want to get more in touch with yourself sexually? This resource guide covers many different topics, with a focus on consent and pleasure as the cornerstones.

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DIY Skills

You are capable of fixing or making  anything. This resource guide helps connect you with the information you need to succeed. Half the battle is starting, so start here with all the info you need.

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Project DescriptionThis is your Project Description. It’s a great place to describe your Project in more detail. Add images and provide visitors with essential information about your work, including the project length, partnerships or any successful outcomes. To hook new potential clients, show how your work has provided solutions for past clients.

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God, the universe, spirit, the Divine - Whatever you feel connected to. This is the place to learn more about spiritual tools and ways to connect with that source.

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Lompoc Love

This resource is specifically for the community of Lompoc. There are so many beautiful and wonderful gifts here in our little city and this resource guide will help you access them. If you have anything you believe should be added to this list please let me know. It is ever growing and each addition makes it more value to our community. Thank you and I love you Lompoc!


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